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Anti Corrosive Air Conditioners

With recent weather conditions causing electrical equipment including many air conditioning systems to fail it is useful to look at prevention.

Aggressive environments like Gold Coast in cyclonic conditions cause corrosion and corrosion in turn leads to a reduced life of materials, a decreasing capacity, higher energy consumption and accelerated replacements of expensive systems.

In air conditioning systems one of the most vulnerable areas are the aluminium finned coils used in heat exchange.

Ask us about which air conditioners to install for close to the beach moist environments.

LG Art Cool - Split Systems
LG's Gold Fin is an anti corrosion coating on the surface of the heat exchanger. This ensures that the surface is more resistant to corrosion and increases the durability to help the exchanger perform like new for a much longer period.
Check the image for full details of this system where they compare to unprotected systems under constant attack in a salty environment.

Anti Corrosive Maintenance

There are some very good products to help you self maintain the quality and life of your air conditioner.

One product Coilguard anti corrosion treatment for heat exchangers was specifically developed in conjunction with Dulux

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