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GFA Quality Air Conditioning
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Help in choosing an Air Conditioner

At Gary Fyvie Air Conditioning we specialise in making your choices easier.
Not everyone has the budget to use the latest Daikin or Fujitsu ducted systems.
You may find split systems, window units or even a portable system useful.

Other considerations are if you are renting and wish to be able to keep your air conditioner.

Matching the power to the size of the room
An underpowered unit will have to work harder and waste energy
Overpowered and you are paying for capacity you do not use.
We take the guess work out of what unit is best suited to your situation.

Important Features
Reverse Cycle - do you need to be able to heat as well as cool

Inverters - these allow the fan and motor speed to constantly vary - other systems actually switch themselves on and off. Some manufacturers state this can be 30% more efficient when only on partial load. How Split System Air Conditioners Work

Filters are helpful in maintaining a clean air flow. Some units now indicate when a filter needs changing.

Installation and Positioning
Ideally a unit is not exposed to direct sunlight and if a split system is placed high in a location that can easily effect the whole room (cool air sinks).

Cheaper brands of air conditioners or incorrectly installed air conditioners can be noisy. This can be because more expensive brands engineer the products to be well ballanced. Check this video of a noisy air conditioner

We are experienced installers of various systems and can ensure everything is working as it should.

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